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Anne Leatitia Barbauld


Political and Feminist Economists 1700 - 1800

Until recently the term political economists has been reserved for academics who were active in specific communities and wrote on topics that were of special interest to men in the eighteenth century, such as international trade, national wealth, taxation, the Nature of Man, economic policy, etc. Priscilla Wakefield and Mary Wollstonecraft are generally the two women who are mentioned as the only eighteenth century authors on political and feminist economic issues. Besides these two interesting contributors to modern thought however, there were many more women and men political economists who wrote on economic issues of special relevance to women, such as gender equality, women’s economic independency, women's wages and work. These require to be acknowledged.

This website aims to give a more balanced account of the political economic discussion in the eighteenth century when economic science as we now know it, emerged. As this website is a work in progress, we start as a completion to other economists’ websites that hardly mention women economists. We provide you with information on political and feminist economists active in the eighteenth century, who took a critical and more or less feminist position in their writings on political economic issues. Since most of their texts have not been reprinted, and are therefore free of rights, we can offer you original texts of many of them.

You are invited to work with us to further develop this site and the history of economics science by adding information on these women and men. Please join, add your own information and contribute to the discussion and knowledge about the content, role and functioning of economic science in our societies.